Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Nuzyael 9th - 15th

We make our way back to Trobridge from Guardarin. Along the way we stop off at Taschel. The rest of the party sets about shopping for weapons and armor or ingredients. I follow Sir Clayton on his shopping trip, but spend most of the time contemplating the situation with Serekela Edinekin.

Upon arrival in Torbridge we fins there is once again a scourge of the eye eating birds. Sir Clayton has us pair off with the barbarian going solo. As we know these creatures are summoned Sir Clayton asks Veren.

Lorkin is up and around and demands to be put to use. Sir Clayton has Lorkin stationed at the bridge.

The next day Lorkin comes running out of breath to find Sir Clayton. A single mother in the town is panicked that she cannot find her son. We go to her cottage to attempt to discover the reason for the disappearance. Raven quickly finds tracks.

As we head through the woods we hear a battle. It takes a few minutes until we start to pin down the direction. Sir Clayton, Dale and I head off in the direction we know the fight to be. Veren and Raven soon follow. We come across a clearing and see Chelny fighting a giant winged beast. As I begin to cast another crashes through the canopy landing directly in front of us. We quickly surround the beast. We injury one and it flees. The other fights to the death. All the Chelny are dead. We take the beast’s body and the dead Chelny back to Trobridge. We need to let the Chelny know how they died to avoid a political situation. No one in the party knows the Chelny burial rights, so I make sure they are laid out in a cool place.

Sister Elanore



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