The Kingdoms of the Realm

The island of Hârn has seven human kingdoms and two kingdoms ruled by other species. In alphabetical order, these are:

Azadmere is the home of the Khuzan, the Hârnic dwarves.

Chybisa is viewed as a struggling independent monarchy or a breakaway county of Kaldor.

Evael is the forest home of the reclusive Sinái, the Hârnic elves.

Kaldor is a feudal kingdom in the center of the Harnic Isle. Located at the hub of four trade routes, it is a power in the east. It is perhaps the most detailed of all of the kingdoms.

Kanday is a stolid, chivalric kingdom situated in the western part of the island.

Melderyn is the most ancient kingdom, reputedly founded by wizards. It is located in the southeastern part of the island and claims a monopoly on trade with the Lythian continent.
The northern land of Orbaal was once a collection of peaceful princedoms inhabited by the

Rethem is widely viewed as the “evil kingdom” but this is because its rulers value might and merit over birth and privilege (or, possibly, because its largest town was the base for a crusade by the church of the death-god Morgath). It is a kingdom born of war and beset by enemies on all sides.

Tharda rose from the ashes of the former Corani Empire (as did Kanday and Rethem) and is the island’s only non-monarchist state; its patron-client social structure is superficially similar to that of Republican Rome. Petty corruption and patronage are rife, however, and the Republic is very ambitious in its territorial claims.

The Kingdoms of the Realm

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