Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Agrazar 14th - End of Agrazar
Elanore's Version

We approach an inn at Tonot. There is a sad song playing from the tavern. The bard is seated in the bloodied mess of the tavern grinning like a sated predator surrounded by his kill. It becomes clear rather quickly that he is indeed the werebeast. He stands and by way of starting the battle, transforms… into a bear. We fell him in what seems to be gearing up to be a rather difficult test of our skills, the tide quickly turns finding us the victors. Veren is… injured. Sister Melody thinks he may be infected. There are barmaids

We head down from Taschel and link up with Cath. In talking with them I learn more about dealing with the various

With the success from starting to mend relationships with the Chealney I decide to push further and learn more about the various tribes of this particular


I am leaving the group. It’s been a pleasure to share the table. May all your rolls be critical successes.

Jeff S.


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