Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Peonu 11th - Nolus 1

We set about travel and Veren and I work out a system to test our psionics abilities. I was hesitant to use them as they seem to be heathen magic, however I have come to realize that Larani gave me the gifts for a reason and I have been foolish to be ashamed of these gifts. Not that I will be sharing this as Veren keeps his secret for excellent reasons. It appears I have been sitting on something more special than I believed as Veren, who claims this particular talent, is not able to detect my uses of them. My first attempt serves only to make me tired, the second does so to Veren, third has me exhausted but the fourth knocks Veren unconscious for quite a while. I try to wake him at first but then just watch over the man.

We arrive at Troobridge just after the 1st of Kelen. The Cheleny gathering is going on and I go watch the festives nearly all day as I find it’s fascinating.

Around the 21st the Kuzdel stone mason arrives. I happen to be around at the time and head off with Clayton to meet with the man. He gets down to business straight away. Allistar is right on top of all the set up needs and it seems to go well. He decides to start with making quarters for himself. and his people.

Earl of Balem’s son Cenna is high inline to be King. An unannounced and undocumented noble arrives to threaten Clayton that in the event of a succession crisis Clayton should side with the Earl of Balem and his son or lose it title and holdings. Saying during the crisis we need to stop the people fleeing that they want stopped.

On the 28th of Kelen 8 men at arms arrive and head to the inn. They are not wearing heraldry. They look around a bit a sit to order food. I approach them and let them if they are need of religious services and inquire to why they are in town. They are doing a poor job at trying to keep it under the table. I alert Clayton to their intent. It is clear they do not want attention drawn. It occurs to Clayton and I that their story would require their manor lord to accompany them.

The next day there is a commotion as the men at arms are surrounding a woman. She appears to be a surf. They claim she has poached from their lords lands, which she does admit to. The leader of the men claims we need to her and the herbs back. I ask the value of those poached and they don’t know an answer. Veren arrives and asses the value. I offer 5 pounds which Veren thinks more than fair. The man balks. Lord Clayton insists the the herbs go back with the men, but agrees she stays. I grit my teeth against, feeling the herbs are important. Clayton takes more charge with the men and I find it best to let him handle it as it is manor. I do remind them this would not be an issue had their lord bothered to come with them. She refers to me as the White Lion, which I learn is becoming a common name for me amont the Peoni. Veren ends up leading her from the circle. Veren, Raven and I retire to Veren’s shop to chat. She knows a great deal of healing arts and I learn a little.

Veren invites us to dinner and I invite the local Peoni clergy ___________ to dinner. He walks in and nearly immediately makes an excuse to leave. I follow him out and ask what the matter is. He claims there is too much power in the room. I say good evening to him and give him Larani’s blessing. Clayton’s wife is beaming and in top form, she is always a breath of fresh air, but in that sort of environment is quite the treat to be around.

The next morning I stay around while the rest leave and apologize that Lord Clayton for getting ride of the herbs. She says Peoni will provide and that she is richer for having lost them.

Nuzyael 17th - Peonu 10th

I meet back up with the group in Troobridge, they have the head and part of a tail of what they say was a large winged creature. The exchange with the Chelny did not go well. Sir Clayton and the rest are not sure what went wrong, but he is working on repairing that situation.

After a few days of little activity we see a caravan. At first it appears there is a trade caravan, but they don’t have enough mules for trade. There is also a large amount of weapon hands. After a bit of observation it is a clerical group the Lady of Paladins the portion of the Spear of the Shattered Sorrow.

I decide to send Lorkin out to intercept the group to find there intent. He leads them off to the inn. Lorkin informs me they have arrived for me. 2 knights, 6 squires. Sir Edwan Conover and Sir Cornelius Page. The taller of the two is the impatient one, which I learn to be Cornelius Page. Conover says they ask a favor, I am to go with them. Primate Tavial of the Caldoric church in Thay. Also requested in Taschel and Constable Haldar Venera wishes to see me. I agree to head out in the morning with my friends. Conover asks if we would join and we all agree. After lunch we separate and pack for travel.

The Cath travel with us through their territory. It puts the knights on edge, but we travel well reaching Taschel a little faster than expected and make it there before the gates close. Members of the town guard meet us and take us to our quarters in the richest part of town. We are shown our quarters and a guard is stationed out front, though it appears to be for our protection. In the morning we are woken and taken to the Constable. He is in a very nice townhouse in the same area of our Inn. He wants to thank us for ridding the world Romlach. He wishes to thank Sir Clayton for dispatching Romlach. Veren tells the Constabul the tale of how I was actually the one to kill Romlach. He insist on throwing a 3 day party, I mention the need ot head to Thay and he agrees to 2 days.

At one point in the festivities I hear about the Kuzdel Dyak clan is trying to locate sir Clayton. I file that information away to let Clayton know.

Upon arriving at Thay we are summoned at the gate by those expecting us. We are taken to the Larani Church. We are given refreshments and an acolyte asks if I have attendants for the meeting I say no. I am escorted into the main chapel to see Primate Tavial. I wait a bit and go to kneel next to her. She is dressed in fine robes and a little rotund. And asks for us to go for a walk. She thinks she is too slow to action when it must, and thanks me for that action. However she also fears the fraction in the church is headed to civil war. Some of those returning are racked with guilt for the actions they have done. None more so than the Primate. She believes Larani has chosen me. Troobridge places me out of direct conflict and may be better or worse. She indicates she is clueless as to the current course of action and asks if I have any visions to help guide. The tower near Troobridge may have been the entrance point for Gargon. Dilithor actually lets her pet him and even rolls around onto his back. She is worried that a fractured church and a succession crisis will be quite terrible for the relm. The church may have pulled some strings for me to not be brought up on charges for the death of the Baron.

Nuzyael 17
Summoner's Revenge Thwarted

I make ready to venture into the tower this morning and tell Lady Catherine that no one seems to have noticed the stately beard I endeavored to grow some weeks ago. My wife tells me that it is indeed impressive and she has told me so nearly every day since it began to fill in. She says that the men are probably intimidated by such a noble and proud beard and as such are afraid to comment on it for fear of not having the vocabulary to properly give it tribute. I laugh and tell her that her beauty is matched by her wisdom and insight and that I am blessed by Larani to have her as my wife and mother to our children. We make the beast with two backs before I leave to join my men and ride to the tower.
The tower is in ruins but as we search the lower level we see various cracks and tunnels through the walls and almost imediately notice that we are being spied upon. I command the spy to show himself and he does. It is another priest of Ilver and before I move to run him through he grovels and begs for mercy and tells us that he will lead us to his brother priests if I will but spare him my blade. I give him my word that I will consider it if he speaks true although I am fairly certain that he is a scoundrel and liar and thinks to lead us into a trap.
We follow him across the river and through the woods to a small camp populated by two more priests. He signals to them and they all produce knives and cut their own throats deep enough to bleed out quickly but shallow enought to still speak and chant what I assume is a prayer of summoning. My men and I quickly move to end their dying words but I fear it is too late.
Our horses are the first to know that something is happening and they bolt toward home. Even my steed is too skittish to ride and I send it off with the others. We cautiously head toward Trobridge and before long hear the cries of a horse being torn apart up ahead. In a clearing that seems to have been freshly made, we spot Raven’s mount which looks to have been pounced upon and torn up by something larger than it. Raven’s bow is amongst the carnage, ruined.
Ahead, another horse is attacked and we come upon Dale’s mount in the same state as Raven’s.
I see a large shape pass over then suddenly Raven leaps aside just as a creature lands forcefully where he had been standing. It is ugly and fearsome with wings and a tail the length of two jousting lances. We quickly surround it and by the grace of Larani manage to kill it with barely a wound among us. Veren had used his frost spell on it but it seems to have been immune and he says that it is most likely from a northern climate and aclimated to the harsh cold. He inspects the carcass and finds a milky fluid escaping from a massive hooked spike at the end of the tail. I am glad of the skill and teamwork of our party in dispatching the beast before it had a chance to strike a blow with that evil apendage. Veren thinks it may have some worth and has me cut it from the tail for him to carry home. I hack off its repulsive head to show the good folk of Tribridge as I regale them with the news of our success in ending the threat of unnatural beasts that have been plagueing Trobridge of late.

Nuzyael 16
The Chelney problem

After placing the bodies of the Chelny and the creature that killed them just outside Trobridge propper we head back out to continue the search for the missing boy. Raven is having trouble tracking him and after a couple of hours I am sure we are too late anyway. Then I notice that we are being shadowed by riders who turn out to be Chelny. I order my men to make a defensive ring but not to touch weapons. There is a boy with them who looks nothing like a Chelny and more like the child we are looking for, so I point to him and then myself and the one in charge understands and sends the boy to us. Now; how do I go about telling them about their dead brothers and how we slayed the beast that did it? I point to his men and hold up five fingers then point toward Trobridge and motion him to follow. He is either daft or stubborn as he just sits on his horse and scowls. I attempt more elaborate pantomimes joined by Raven and we are rewarded with a deeper scowl and angry sounding mutters from his men. I try the point-five-fingers-point-follow motion again and this time it works as he orders his men to make way and allow us to lead them back to Trobridge.
Back at Trobridge the boy runs off back to his mother and I show the Chelny the bodies of their men and the creature that killed them. I point out their wounds and then the claws and maw on the creature that made those wounds. I then point out the killing blow that felled the beast and gesture to myself as the one who made it. He makes a show of being unimpressed but none-the-less orders his men to recover the bodies of their slayn kin and as they ride off he turns and spits in our general direction. My patients wears thin. Diplomacy is much more strenuous than combat.
One of my men reminds me that the priest who originally summoned the eye-pluckers before I was lord of Trobridge, had wanted access to the tower ruins. I decide that we should investigate on the morrow for signs that the foul magic being used to summon these unnatural creatures may be linked to the structure.

Nuzyael 9th - 15th

We make our way back to Trobridge from Guardarin. Along the way we stop off at Taschel. The rest of the party sets about shopping for weapons and armor or ingredients. I follow Sir Clayton on his shopping trip, but spend most of the time contemplating the situation with Serekela Edinekin.

Upon arrival in Torbridge we fins there is once again a scourge of the eye eating birds. Sir Clayton has us pair off with the barbarian going solo. As we know these creatures are summoned Sir Clayton asks Veren.

Lorkin is up and around and demands to be put to use. Sir Clayton has Lorkin stationed at the bridge.

The next day Lorkin comes running out of breath to find Sir Clayton. A single mother in the town is panicked that she cannot find her son. We go to her cottage to attempt to discover the reason for the disappearance. Raven quickly finds tracks.

As we head through the woods we hear a battle. It takes a few minutes until we start to pin down the direction. Sir Clayton, Dale and I head off in the direction we know the fight to be. Veren and Raven soon follow. We come across a clearing and see Chelny fighting a giant winged beast. As I begin to cast another crashes through the canopy landing directly in front of us. We quickly surround the beast. We injury one and it flees. The other fights to the death. All the Chelny are dead. We take the beast’s body and the dead Chelny back to Trobridge. We need to let the Chelny know how they died to avoid a political situation. No one in the party knows the Chelny burial rights, so I make sure they are laid out in a cool place.

Sister Elanore

Nuzyael 1st - 8th

I arrive in Tharda to meet with Dale. As my vision had alerted me there was an ambush set up to kill him. I was unable to get within swords reach in time, but luckily Doloithor had the speed to stop the plot. It appears attempts on his life have been happening for his entire stay in Tharda.

After arriving back at Trobridge Cisco and Jasper let me know I need to go to Thay. Also Sinjin is in Trobridge, luckily Mother Greymore takes the mantle of displeasure on that course. Sinjin has requested a Temple to Helea on Trobridge. I am relieved when Clayton acknowledges he will build a tmeple to Larani first.

I seek out Cisco and Jasper for more info on why I am being summoned to Thay by Serekela Edinekin. She seemed interested in meeting me as soon as possible. She was staying with the Earl, likely not there anymore.

When we arrive at Guardarian the Earl of Neph has us summoned. There is the matter of a feral man who claims to be here to speak on Sir Clayton’s behalf. He has 3 braids and leans on a spear. It is Sir Kelton. Earl thinks the Serekela was waiting to think me. Sir Kelton says he will assist me at anytime. I got my shield back. The Baron dabbling in dark arts has been put to death. We should keep an eye out at the tournament.

The Earl of Neph lets me know he needs to be seen as a friend of the church.

Winter pt1

My studies have been going well. I was briefly interrupted by a few agents of Naveh. They posed as guards. This had apparently been going on for years. I had reckognized these two from around the manor, though not my usual evening guards. I had been worried at first being out numbered and left only to my vestments and dagger. However even the shadows favored weapon is better wielded by Larani’s agents and left one-on-one the scoundrel “proved his faith” by showing weakness and ingesting poison.

I had shouted for Dolithor, though he did not show. It wasn’t a long encounter and I suspect the assassins had used magic to dampen my voice. Next I hurried to check Lady Catherine and the children, Dolithor had subdued two more Naveh in the room. Shortly after more guards and Sir Gehts arrived. This revealed the length of the deception. It is unclear to me to what end they had infiltrated the manor, but the motivations don’t need to be clear when adherents to Naveh are involved.

Azura 12th - ?

It appears that Sir Romlach and his men where prepared for our ruse. Sir Clayton attempted to draw Sir Romlach away. The two began an exchange of mighty blows that clang out that start of battle.
As the man nearest me turns to attack I yell for Tirithor to attack as I pick my spot to strike a streak of fur and rage streaks from my right to strike my attacker. Well armored as the man is the hounds teeth glance off his plate covered hip. We trade blows once, twice. Again Tirithor strikes. Unable to do much in the way of damage he is another variable for my opponent to account for and in short order I find myself pressing an advantage instead of trying to create on. Our horses nay and kick dust as they maneuver in the dance of mounted combat. At sometime during this I hear Dale yell that Clayton is down. I gesture for Tirithor assist Sir Clayton. Hopeful the animal understands an order more complex then we have worked out thus far. Luckily he seems to understand as I see him moving in the correct direction. On my next chance I bolt, resolute that I will be hit on the way. Luckily the fool is so battle drunk Larani is able to guide my sword to a killing blow across his face. As his body lands hard on the earth I am already at full gallop toward Sir Romlach as it is imperative the man not escape.

Dorithor’s hooves pound out the thumping beat of war as I ride my target down. My nerves steady with the stillness afforded by faith in Larani and the company of my ferocious menagerie as the armored mountain of a man turns to face me. My resolve is further tempered by hateful bile this man spews forth. I am no stranger the horrible things yelled and spat at enemies on the battlefield but this man is clearly more depraved than your average knight. He claimed many I vile thing I will not repeat and when I broke enough to retort I told him I would see his body burned and the last words he heard where that Larani favored me over him. With any luck he left the world aware he would never be graced with the splendor of Tirithor. I was ready to call upon to help me however Veren was able to bend his heathen magic to Larani’s will and alert me to the impending arrival of Sir Clayton. This allowed me to stay in the fight and be open to Larani guiding my sword in that killing shot. My sword stuck so deep into the horrible man’s face I could not keep a grip on the pommel as his massive weight fell to the ground. In the battle I had taken quite a nasty blow to my hand that caused me to lose my shield. Larani evened the odds for me by having his sword crumble under my mighty steel. I had time only to grab one as guards appeared from the direction of Romlach’s father’s manner. The shield was of Kuzdel craftmanship, but the sword, also finely crafted, is carried to honor a fallen commrade. This would all tie back to me at any rate so it was an easy choice to grab the sword.
Satisfied we are not being chased, we also realize that time is of the essence. We drag the dead off, taking Thatcher with us. Collecting their weapons, rounding up horses and doing all we can (with Larani’s grace) to heal is all we do before setting off to take down the Baron. We are expecting another pitched battle but find a large group of Tilda waiting at the keep. Romlach’s body was left behind and after Cisco and Jasper strip the body they help me make a pyre and burn the foul beast exactly as I had promised the heathen.
We find the Baron in his quarters attempting feebly to fend us off with his sword. It appears he “likes to read” about Morgoth and his 13 pillars. My inclination to burn his son seems well founded. It must be another case of Larani guiding me before I know it. It seems such a shame that the Baron will likely not be burned to bones and ash like his son. A part of him seems to think that is a good way to go.
The Tilda return our favor of eliminating the Baron by escorting us to the Earl of Nef off the roads. The Baron. like all those with no pride or self-respect, alternates between cursing us and begging and bribing for freedom. He is worse than scum.

We send Veren, Dale, Cisco and Jasper into town to meet with the Earl of Nef. He is quite surprised at how we handled the situation and that we arrive with much damning information against the Baron. I produce the Morgoth book at this time and while I want to take it directly to the nearest temple to be destroyed I see it’s importance in clearing us and ending the Baron’s influence so I leave it with the Earl. He suggests we leave the country and Sir Clayton mentions his wife is in Kanday where he has business. The Earl suggests we go there and stay until this all blows over which he thinks should take over the winter at least and likely into next summer. He will take care of Charmic and I have been reassured Salto is getting the best possible training in my abscence. I will miss our lessons and watching his progress, but it’s best for him to stay.

battle against Romlach & men

Although Sir Romlach’s men were not caught by surprise, the fight got off to a promising start. Sir Clayton traded strikes with Romlach and caught a hit to the cheek that was followed by Clayton striking Romlach back in his face! It was a bleeder that Romlach barely seemed to notice. After a few more heavy blows from Clayton’ Romlach struck down Clayton with a massive blow to the thorax.

Sister Elanore sent her dog to protect Clayton from Romlach. The beast took a chunk of belly out of the knight’s horse before he rode off.
Jasper and Disco managed to dehorse one of the men at armes.

Sister Elanore rode to take on Romlach’ breaking off from her fight and when her adversary swung and missed, Elanore took him out with a devastating strike to the face, dropping him!

Veren cast his frost blast at the man at armes that he and Dale had been fighting, frosting the mans beard and freezing up the horse!

Thatcher was struck down by the man who Fitch struck with an arrow.

Dale struck the man who had been frosted and knokd him from his horse as he tried to ride off!

Rmlachs steed s no match for the speed of Elanor’s. She will catch up.

Jasper and Cisco take out their man.

They go to help Raven who’s been trading blows with his man.

Veren cast the drowning fog on a rider and envelopes him!

Raven strikes his man with a big blow to the neck but doesn’t fell him.

Dale drops frosted with a bashing thorax hit!

The man on Raven gives up and Cisco runs him through from behind; oops.

Elanore faces off withRomlach and they trade blows, her dog joining in.

Clayton comes to mounts up and goes after Romlach.

Elanore is holding her own and de- horses Romlach! Elanore takes a couple of big hits to her shield hand and drops it!
Elanores dog is keeping one of Romlachs men at bay.
Elanore hits Romlack in the elbow (left) a massive hit! He drops his shield. " I’ll burn your body on a pyre like an agrick" says Elanore and strikes only to be countered.

Clayton arrives and goes after the man at arms and de-horses h!

Tries to trample him and hits for no damage.

Elanore hits Romlach in the other elbow.

Elanore counters a blow, then Romlach does and his sword breaks! She strikes him in the face! He was hit there by Clayton earlier! Her blade is wedged half way into his skull and his eye burst. Down he goes!

Clayton drops his sword and the dog takes out the other man.

More of the Barons men ride up as Elanore and Clayton take their leave and meet back up with their group. They decide to press the attack and Veren casts telepathy to alert the leader of the Tilda over 10 miles away that we are a go.

Elanore casts on Clayton to heal his worst wound and Crow treats his face and hand. Veren heals the shit out of clay tons face, Ravens face and Elanores foot with spells.

Triumph at the Mill

I, Dale Broadstreet, with Cisco and Jasper crept stealthily up on the mill on our quest to do in the nefarious torture master posing as a humble miller. We determined that an entry from the rear of the building would be wise, but we were thwarted. The cunning churl had rigged his wall to collapse at the slightest touch; which it did when I attempted to vault it.

The sound brought a lad with a lantern to investigate the sound, though how he had heard over the constant noise of the mill-wheel (music as sweet to my ears as the harp of Dulcea is to the holy mother of fortune) is anyone’s guess. I grappled with the lad and brought him down. Cisco and Jasper were kind enough to stash him somewhere whilst I hurried to the door to reconnoiter.

While I searched the ground floor, Cisco and Jasper found and took care of an additional apprentice or two upstairs. The miller was not to be found. So there was nothing to do but wait to see if he would show up. And wait.. And wait… Had I not been a master of The Breathing and The Meditation, I would surely have lost patience and made retreat before the miller appeared.

Finally with the hour nearing the Sun’s first kiss of the dawn, the miller appeared. With the monotonous sound of the mill wheel masking his approach, he and I met just after he crossed the threshold. He drew on me, but I had the heart to strike first. I struck him a mighty blow, which disoriented the man so that when he tried to counter my attack, he stepped right into the sweet-spot of the heavy club I was wielding and I stuck him in the head, bringing him to the floor dazed. With several heavy blows I dispatched the naive, the final blow dislocating and pulping his jaw.

Since it was our goal to further obscure the true nature of the attack by feigning an attack by the scum which passes for lia-kaver in Olokand I left our note of misdirection on his chest held up by his ruined jawbone.

As dawn was rapidly approaching, Jasper, Cisco and I quickly made our separate ways to later meet back with my patron where they awaited the fruits of our venture.

May Sardura visit the Baron for the terrible treachery that has made such a dire errand necessary.


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