Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Peonu 11th - Nolus 1

We set about travel and Veren and I work out a system to test our psionics abilities. I was hesitant to use them as they seem to be heathen magic, however I have come to realize that Larani gave me the gifts for a reason and I have been foolish to be ashamed of these gifts. Not that I will be sharing this as Veren keeps his secret for excellent reasons. It appears I have been sitting on something more special than I believed as Veren, who claims this particular talent, is not able to detect my uses of them. My first attempt serves only to make me tired, the second does so to Veren, third has me exhausted but the fourth knocks Veren unconscious for quite a while. I try to wake him at first but then just watch over the man.

We arrive at Troobridge just after the 1st of Kelen. The Cheleny gathering is going on and I go watch the festives nearly all day as I find it’s fascinating.

Around the 21st the Kuzdel stone mason arrives. I happen to be around at the time and head off with Clayton to meet with the man. He gets down to business straight away. Allistar is right on top of all the set up needs and it seems to go well. He decides to start with making quarters for himself. and his people.

Earl of Balem’s son Cenna is high inline to be King. An unannounced and undocumented noble arrives to threaten Clayton that in the event of a succession crisis Clayton should side with the Earl of Balem and his son or lose it title and holdings. Saying during the crisis we need to stop the people fleeing that they want stopped.

On the 28th of Kelen 8 men at arms arrive and head to the inn. They are not wearing heraldry. They look around a bit a sit to order food. I approach them and let them if they are need of religious services and inquire to why they are in town. They are doing a poor job at trying to keep it under the table. I alert Clayton to their intent. It is clear they do not want attention drawn. It occurs to Clayton and I that their story would require their manor lord to accompany them.

The next day there is a commotion as the men at arms are surrounding a woman. She appears to be a surf. They claim she has poached from their lords lands, which she does admit to. The leader of the men claims we need to her and the herbs back. I ask the value of those poached and they don’t know an answer. Veren arrives and asses the value. I offer 5 pounds which Veren thinks more than fair. The man balks. Lord Clayton insists the the herbs go back with the men, but agrees she stays. I grit my teeth against, feeling the herbs are important. Clayton takes more charge with the men and I find it best to let him handle it as it is manor. I do remind them this would not be an issue had their lord bothered to come with them. She refers to me as the White Lion, which I learn is becoming a common name for me amont the Peoni. Veren ends up leading her from the circle. Veren, Raven and I retire to Veren’s shop to chat. She knows a great deal of healing arts and I learn a little.

Veren invites us to dinner and I invite the local Peoni clergy ___________ to dinner. He walks in and nearly immediately makes an excuse to leave. I follow him out and ask what the matter is. He claims there is too much power in the room. I say good evening to him and give him Larani’s blessing. Clayton’s wife is beaming and in top form, she is always a breath of fresh air, but in that sort of environment is quite the treat to be around.

The next morning I stay around while the rest leave and apologize that Lord Clayton for getting ride of the herbs. She says Peoni will provide and that she is richer for having lost them.



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