Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Nuzyael 1st - 8th

I arrive in Tharda to meet with Dale. As my vision had alerted me there was an ambush set up to kill him. I was unable to get within swords reach in time, but luckily Doloithor had the speed to stop the plot. It appears attempts on his life have been happening for his entire stay in Tharda.

After arriving back at Trobridge Cisco and Jasper let me know I need to go to Thay. Also Sinjin is in Trobridge, luckily Mother Greymore takes the mantle of displeasure on that course. Sinjin has requested a Temple to Helea on Trobridge. I am relieved when Clayton acknowledges he will build a tmeple to Larani first.

I seek out Cisco and Jasper for more info on why I am being summoned to Thay by Serekela Edinekin. She seemed interested in meeting me as soon as possible. She was staying with the Earl, likely not there anymore.

When we arrive at Guardarian the Earl of Neph has us summoned. There is the matter of a feral man who claims to be here to speak on Sir Clayton’s behalf. He has 3 braids and leans on a spear. It is Sir Kelton. Earl thinks the Serekela was waiting to think me. Sir Kelton says he will assist me at anytime. I got my shield back. The Baron dabbling in dark arts has been put to death. We should keep an eye out at the tournament.

The Earl of Neph lets me know he needs to be seen as a friend of the church.



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