Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Nuzyael 17th - Peonu 10th

I meet back up with the group in Troobridge, they have the head and part of a tail of what they say was a large winged creature. The exchange with the Chelny did not go well. Sir Clayton and the rest are not sure what went wrong, but he is working on repairing that situation.

After a few days of little activity we see a caravan. At first it appears there is a trade caravan, but they don’t have enough mules for trade. There is also a large amount of weapon hands. After a bit of observation it is a clerical group the Lady of Paladins the portion of the Spear of the Shattered Sorrow.

I decide to send Lorkin out to intercept the group to find there intent. He leads them off to the inn. Lorkin informs me they have arrived for me. 2 knights, 6 squires. Sir Edwan Conover and Sir Cornelius Page. The taller of the two is the impatient one, which I learn to be Cornelius Page. Conover says they ask a favor, I am to go with them. Primate Tavial of the Caldoric church in Thay. Also requested in Taschel and Constable Haldar Venera wishes to see me. I agree to head out in the morning with my friends. Conover asks if we would join and we all agree. After lunch we separate and pack for travel.

The Cath travel with us through their territory. It puts the knights on edge, but we travel well reaching Taschel a little faster than expected and make it there before the gates close. Members of the town guard meet us and take us to our quarters in the richest part of town. We are shown our quarters and a guard is stationed out front, though it appears to be for our protection. In the morning we are woken and taken to the Constable. He is in a very nice townhouse in the same area of our Inn. He wants to thank us for ridding the world Romlach. He wishes to thank Sir Clayton for dispatching Romlach. Veren tells the Constabul the tale of how I was actually the one to kill Romlach. He insist on throwing a 3 day party, I mention the need ot head to Thay and he agrees to 2 days.

At one point in the festivities I hear about the Kuzdel Dyak clan is trying to locate sir Clayton. I file that information away to let Clayton know.

Upon arriving at Thay we are summoned at the gate by those expecting us. We are taken to the Larani Church. We are given refreshments and an acolyte asks if I have attendants for the meeting I say no. I am escorted into the main chapel to see Primate Tavial. I wait a bit and go to kneel next to her. She is dressed in fine robes and a little rotund. And asks for us to go for a walk. She thinks she is too slow to action when it must, and thanks me for that action. However she also fears the fraction in the church is headed to civil war. Some of those returning are racked with guilt for the actions they have done. None more so than the Primate. She believes Larani has chosen me. Troobridge places me out of direct conflict and may be better or worse. She indicates she is clueless as to the current course of action and asks if I have any visions to help guide. The tower near Troobridge may have been the entrance point for Gargon. Dilithor actually lets her pet him and even rolls around onto his back. She is worried that a fractured church and a succession crisis will be quite terrible for the relm. The church may have pulled some strings for me to not be brought up on charges for the death of the Baron.



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