Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Nuzyael 17

Summoner's Revenge Thwarted

I make ready to venture into the tower this morning and tell Lady Catherine that no one seems to have noticed the stately beard I endeavored to grow some weeks ago. My wife tells me that it is indeed impressive and she has told me so nearly every day since it began to fill in. She says that the men are probably intimidated by such a noble and proud beard and as such are afraid to comment on it for fear of not having the vocabulary to properly give it tribute. I laugh and tell her that her beauty is matched by her wisdom and insight and that I am blessed by Larani to have her as my wife and mother to our children. We make the beast with two backs before I leave to join my men and ride to the tower.
The tower is in ruins but as we search the lower level we see various cracks and tunnels through the walls and almost imediately notice that we are being spied upon. I command the spy to show himself and he does. It is another priest of Ilver and before I move to run him through he grovels and begs for mercy and tells us that he will lead us to his brother priests if I will but spare him my blade. I give him my word that I will consider it if he speaks true although I am fairly certain that he is a scoundrel and liar and thinks to lead us into a trap.
We follow him across the river and through the woods to a small camp populated by two more priests. He signals to them and they all produce knives and cut their own throats deep enough to bleed out quickly but shallow enought to still speak and chant what I assume is a prayer of summoning. My men and I quickly move to end their dying words but I fear it is too late.
Our horses are the first to know that something is happening and they bolt toward home. Even my steed is too skittish to ride and I send it off with the others. We cautiously head toward Trobridge and before long hear the cries of a horse being torn apart up ahead. In a clearing that seems to have been freshly made, we spot Raven’s mount which looks to have been pounced upon and torn up by something larger than it. Raven’s bow is amongst the carnage, ruined.
Ahead, another horse is attacked and we come upon Dale’s mount in the same state as Raven’s.
I see a large shape pass over then suddenly Raven leaps aside just as a creature lands forcefully where he had been standing. It is ugly and fearsome with wings and a tail the length of two jousting lances. We quickly surround it and by the grace of Larani manage to kill it with barely a wound among us. Veren had used his frost spell on it but it seems to have been immune and he says that it is most likely from a northern climate and aclimated to the harsh cold. He inspects the carcass and finds a milky fluid escaping from a massive hooked spike at the end of the tail. I am glad of the skill and teamwork of our party in dispatching the beast before it had a chance to strike a blow with that evil apendage. Veren thinks it may have some worth and has me cut it from the tail for him to carry home. I hack off its repulsive head to show the good folk of Tribridge as I regale them with the news of our success in ending the threat of unnatural beasts that have been plagueing Trobridge of late.



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