Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Nuzyael 16

The Chelney problem

After placing the bodies of the Chelny and the creature that killed them just outside Trobridge propper we head back out to continue the search for the missing boy. Raven is having trouble tracking him and after a couple of hours I am sure we are too late anyway. Then I notice that we are being shadowed by riders who turn out to be Chelny. I order my men to make a defensive ring but not to touch weapons. There is a boy with them who looks nothing like a Chelny and more like the child we are looking for, so I point to him and then myself and the one in charge understands and sends the boy to us. Now; how do I go about telling them about their dead brothers and how we slayed the beast that did it? I point to his men and hold up five fingers then point toward Trobridge and motion him to follow. He is either daft or stubborn as he just sits on his horse and scowls. I attempt more elaborate pantomimes joined by Raven and we are rewarded with a deeper scowl and angry sounding mutters from his men. I try the point-five-fingers-point-follow motion again and this time it works as he orders his men to make way and allow us to lead them back to Trobridge.
Back at Trobridge the boy runs off back to his mother and I show the Chelny the bodies of their men and the creature that killed them. I point out their wounds and then the claws and maw on the creature that made those wounds. I then point out the killing blow that felled the beast and gesture to myself as the one who made it. He makes a show of being unimpressed but none-the-less orders his men to recover the bodies of their slayn kin and as they ride off he turns and spits in our general direction. My patients wears thin. Diplomacy is much more strenuous than combat.
One of my men reminds me that the priest who originally summoned the eye-pluckers before I was lord of Trobridge, had wanted access to the tower ruins. I decide that we should investigate on the morrow for signs that the foul magic being used to summon these unnatural creatures may be linked to the structure.



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