Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Nolus 1 - Lorane 15th

We spend the first half of Nolus getting ready for the tournament. On the way to the tournament Mouse and Dale are visible nervous and Mouse is a little agitated in Taschel. We make it to Olakand, and there is much tension in the air as the king has not made an appearance yet. While it is not indicative of anything quite yet is a little nerve wracking.

Veren gets hired to go off and fill the slot left open by an ill chief . Shortly after Harappa Endama shows telling Clayton he was “sent for” I don’t think this is true this and it seems Clayton is confused at first, but catches on to something Harappa tries to send him.

The next day I hear that some sort incident happened where Haradock’s tent collapses.

An older nobel bearing gentleman approaches me. Introdocuing himself as Sir Whitholt he belongs to the White Oak which is an order Peoni Knights. He refers to me as the While Lion and asks if we may have a word in private I agree. Seems a little odd, but he does have a certain gravitas. The group is small, numbers around 8, and seeks to protect followers on pilgrimage. There are some in the Larani church that wish to see them destroyed. I ask why he thinks Larani is not capable of taking care of Peoni. He responds that while Larani is perfect sometimes his followers do not follow her will and protect the peasants. I tell him I shall speak well of his order when it will benefit his order.

After hearing more gossip in regards to Haradock’s tent falling and the weird altercation with the nobility I cannot sthand it any longer and take Clayton aside. I tell him whatever he is paying to make these incidents happen, should be added to the amount he donates from the winnings.

Dedris of Clan Dyock. He is from Azidmere. I have heard them talking about Clayton. There lands are overrun with Gargon for around 250 years. They attack the mine and encounter supernatural assistance to the gargon. Rumors of the sound of a horn to rally the gargon. Taking the mine back would greatly change the economics of the Silver Way. The lost Barony of Axxony. Was close to Fauna, was overrun. Anyone able to take Fauna and sieze Axxony for 6 years would be granted the Barony. There are artifacts in the mine they would like returned and is sure there is something that could be worked out. They are also willing to make and sell armor at a discount. Thought very highly of at Azidmare, though this is viewed as a suicide mission. I tell Clayton I have had visions of fighting gargon underground and think we should attempt it. There are a lot of people that think Siem (the Kuzdel god) has departed this plane.

On the third day the king finally makes an appearance.

On the 4th day of the rournament I finaly succomb to sleep under the tent. It is growing much more difficult to stay awake and even though Gehts just wants me there, I feel it important for me to stay awake with him. He is a good and noble man and his earnest and devout following o Larani is a joy to be around.

The next to last day of the rournament I pass out in the tent and it appears they take me to a tent to sleep. While I am passed out word of the king dying spreads in the camp.



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