Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Lorane 16th - Lorane 23rd

I wake up to Dolithor howling. I find myself standing, sword in hand in front of Sir Clayton. He informs me the King has died. Veren is off in the Earl of Neph cooking. Meldan has most of the wives and children in the keep. It is rather convenient for Meldan and casts some suspicion his way even if the King has spent most of the last year closed up in the castle. A plan is formed to make Mouse look like Clayton’s squire. Who agrees as Clayton’s wife is his sister.

Sir Gates arrives. He is scheduled as Sir Clayton’s opponent. They agree to both not show.

Clayton, myself and Veren make it to the tournament. The tension casts a on odd air on the festivities. As for the King’s men only the guard is around. Meldan is sitting in the viewer’s box, which most people do not care for. He is talking about how he is there for his father, because he would have wanted it. There are rumors running rampant.

We get back to the tent and mostly everything is packed up, but we decide to leave the tents. Raven and Mouse are missing. Veren attempts sending a message to both of them about our plan to meet up on the road with Sir Gates. Sir Clayton tells Sir Gates the agreement was violated. He cares little about the opinions of the Kaldoric nobles. We see an army of Meldan’s moving. Taschel is murmoring with questions and gossip.

We arrive back in Trowbridge. Clayton sends me to talk to Gates to ask him to stay and guard. He agrees after I tell him I would definitely head back out west to fight Agriks.



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