Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Azura 9th - 11th

After much discussion we have decided to set the Olokand Lia Kivair up for the fall with the Baron’s Miller. Dale, Cisco and Jasper have been assigned the task.

Sir Gates and his family are taking care of Lady Greymoore, which is very good news indeed. Sir Gates is a devout and righteous man.

Sinjin is on Charmic grounds. She says mainly to watch after Mouse, however she does admit to having business with Clayton.

We arrive in Olokand on Azura 10th. In the absence of other duties and lacking a Larani Temple I offer my services at the Peoni Temple in town. Though I am spending most of the day attending to this supper finds makes it clear we are causing a bit more of a scene in town then we had accounted for. It seems being a tournament winner, even three years on, is still a mark of celebrity. It seems the common folk mind the deities and their wisdom, which is cause for rejoice overall, but it’s repercussions in this situation may be intersting.

The Earl`s son appears at the tavern. He is, as the accounts indicate, a crude man with little redeeming social graces. He is a brute of a man and I would wager quite a deadly warrior given the manor in which is carries on in public.



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