Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Azura 6-8

We arranged the surviving, but unconscious men we raided to believe they were pulled to safety by a compatriot that then expired. We are confident the ruse worked and they will spread word that Telin the Red attacked them.

Alister and the men at arms traveled to Tashal to bring 30 pounds worth of Amber to the Helean temple for a line of credit.

We are planning on sending in Dale to dispatch the Miller who is known to be the Baron’s torturer. He is going to leave a message stating “time to renegotiate our deal.”
We need to figure out the next step before we commit though.

Dale has Lia Kavair knowledge and could easily make it look like they did it. Olokand or Tashal Lia Kavair; which branch though? could make a difference to keep the Baron on his heals.

Sinjin shows up and also a knight of the checkered shield; Sir Shadrik, delivered a message on Sir Gates behalf. Summoning Sir Clayton to Kanday (two month trip!)Subtext; don’t make him wait, but finish your business first. Sir Shadrik is at our disposal in the mean time.



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