Jeff Ruhr Presents: Harnmaster

Azura 12th - ?

It appears that Sir Romlach and his men where prepared for our ruse. Sir Clayton attempted to draw Sir Romlach away. The two began an exchange of mighty blows that clang out that start of battle.
As the man nearest me turns to attack I yell for Tirithor to attack as I pick my spot to strike a streak of fur and rage streaks from my right to strike my attacker. Well armored as the man is the hounds teeth glance off his plate covered hip. We trade blows once, twice. Again Tirithor strikes. Unable to do much in the way of damage he is another variable for my opponent to account for and in short order I find myself pressing an advantage instead of trying to create on. Our horses nay and kick dust as they maneuver in the dance of mounted combat. At sometime during this I hear Dale yell that Clayton is down. I gesture for Tirithor assist Sir Clayton. Hopeful the animal understands an order more complex then we have worked out thus far. Luckily he seems to understand as I see him moving in the correct direction. On my next chance I bolt, resolute that I will be hit on the way. Luckily the fool is so battle drunk Larani is able to guide my sword to a killing blow across his face. As his body lands hard on the earth I am already at full gallop toward Sir Romlach as it is imperative the man not escape.

Dorithor’s hooves pound out the thumping beat of war as I ride my target down. My nerves steady with the stillness afforded by faith in Larani and the company of my ferocious menagerie as the armored mountain of a man turns to face me. My resolve is further tempered by hateful bile this man spews forth. I am no stranger the horrible things yelled and spat at enemies on the battlefield but this man is clearly more depraved than your average knight. He claimed many I vile thing I will not repeat and when I broke enough to retort I told him I would see his body burned and the last words he heard where that Larani favored me over him. With any luck he left the world aware he would never be graced with the splendor of Tirithor. I was ready to call upon to help me however Veren was able to bend his heathen magic to Larani’s will and alert me to the impending arrival of Sir Clayton. This allowed me to stay in the fight and be open to Larani guiding my sword in that killing shot. My sword stuck so deep into the horrible man’s face I could not keep a grip on the pommel as his massive weight fell to the ground. In the battle I had taken quite a nasty blow to my hand that caused me to lose my shield. Larani evened the odds for me by having his sword crumble under my mighty steel. I had time only to grab one as guards appeared from the direction of Romlach’s father’s manner. The shield was of Kuzdel craftmanship, but the sword, also finely crafted, is carried to honor a fallen commrade. This would all tie back to me at any rate so it was an easy choice to grab the sword.
Satisfied we are not being chased, we also realize that time is of the essence. We drag the dead off, taking Thatcher with us. Collecting their weapons, rounding up horses and doing all we can (with Larani’s grace) to heal is all we do before setting off to take down the Baron. We are expecting another pitched battle but find a large group of Tilda waiting at the keep. Romlach’s body was left behind and after Cisco and Jasper strip the body they help me make a pyre and burn the foul beast exactly as I had promised the heathen.
We find the Baron in his quarters attempting feebly to fend us off with his sword. It appears he “likes to read” about Morgoth and his 13 pillars. My inclination to burn his son seems well founded. It must be another case of Larani guiding me before I know it. It seems such a shame that the Baron will likely not be burned to bones and ash like his son. A part of him seems to think that is a good way to go.
The Tilda return our favor of eliminating the Baron by escorting us to the Earl of Nef off the roads. The Baron. like all those with no pride or self-respect, alternates between cursing us and begging and bribing for freedom. He is worse than scum.

We send Veren, Dale, Cisco and Jasper into town to meet with the Earl of Nef. He is quite surprised at how we handled the situation and that we arrive with much damning information against the Baron. I produce the Morgoth book at this time and while I want to take it directly to the nearest temple to be destroyed I see it’s importance in clearing us and ending the Baron’s influence so I leave it with the Earl. He suggests we leave the country and Sir Clayton mentions his wife is in Kanday where he has business. The Earl suggests we go there and stay until this all blows over which he thinks should take over the winter at least and likely into next summer. He will take care of Charmic and I have been reassured Salto is getting the best possible training in my abscence. I will miss our lessons and watching his progress, but it’s best for him to stay.



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